about kate

hi! i’m kate.

i’m the soul behind the living hours. i’m an enthusiastic coffee drinker and an aspiring author living in alberta, canada. as someone who moves at one speed, and one speed only – fast – i am always trying to slow things (and myself) down. you can usually find me writing at my desk with a strong cup of coffee, lounging and day-dreaming on my sun-filled porch, or standing on a chair trying desperately to keep the houseplant that lives on top of my bookshelf alive.

the living hours was born out of my desire to live my life on purpose – to make every hour a living one. a desire to grow, to slow down, and to find and think and write about how i create those hours – how i fill them with light, even when i’m spending them washing dishes or shovelling the front walk. it is an exercise in making and remembering the golden hours, the blue ones, the lilac-coloured dusks. the floral afternoons, the windswept nights, and the freshly-spring-cleaned living room evenings.

i’ll be sharing my seasonal capsule wardrobes, living in our little house, and my many (many!) creative endeavours (blame the gemini in me for my dozens of hobbies and pursuits). here’s to years of slow and intentional and enthusiastic life – to embracing the living hours.

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