"what a world this is! i'm baking some banana bread."

The world, it seems, needs art and creation more than ever. What better time to finally start the living hours project? To make that first post (the first one is always the hardest and the strangest, isn’t it?) so that I can write about, and create, other things?

It is a surreal existence, these days. Making, creating, and writing about living feels like the balm to a very confused, and very emotional, wound.

So the living hours project is going to find and share joy in the time at home, appreciation for the mundanity we maybe didn’t properly appreciate before. Peace in the sunlight peeking and beaming through the windows. Balance in the sleepy mornings and the candlelit nights. Appreciation for the clothes we live in, the coffees we drink, and the gorgeous, beautiful, difficult world that holds us.

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