the daily june: june twelfth | diary of a day

7:22 am I’m tired this morning, but it’s a quiet tired – a calm tired. The sun is hitting the bedroom window with more than a little love; the rest of the house is a haze of redirected sunlight, blue skies peeking through curtains and whispering, “Good morning, good morning, good morning.” I want coffee.Continue reading “the daily june: june twelfth | diary of a day”

diary of a day: march 23, 2020

7:27 am I wake up slowly, with the sunrise. I don’t get out of bed until the light is leaking, in dozens of little windows, across the hall outside the bedroom door. It gilds my kitchen window. My bathroom sink. The half-wall between kitchen and living room, staining its oak a brilliant bronze. I pullContinue reading “diary of a day: march 23, 2020”