the daily june: june thirteenth | introducing summer, the hardest season to capsule

It feels odd to be writing a post about my summer capsule when it is, in fact, pouring rain outside – we have a full-on storm overhead, complete with lightning and those cracking, rolling hits of thunder that do make me wonder if our little house is sturdy enough to handle this kind of weather.Continue reading “the daily june: june thirteenth | introducing summer, the hardest season to capsule”

capsule wardrobe-ing: the loungewear edition

I like to think that my wardrobe is relatively successful, all things considered. I don’t keep clothes I don’t wear regularly unless they’re special occasion pieces, or they have enough sentimental value that I’ve made a very conscious, “This is on purpose and not because I’m overgenerous with my nostalgia!” decision to keep them. I’veContinue reading “capsule wardrobe-ing: the loungewear edition”

capsule wardrobe-ing: the spring 2020 edition

Spring has not yet sprung, but it’s coming, folks! It’s coming. I can see it in the sunlight that is still brightly shining when I finish work at five o’clock, in the grass trying to shoulder its way through the last vestiges of snow and ice, in the bluebird skies that no longer hold theContinue reading “capsule wardrobe-ing: the spring 2020 edition”