capsule wardrobe-ing: the loungewear edition

I like to think that my wardrobe is relatively successful, all things considered. I don’t keep clothes I don’t wear regularly unless they’re special occasion pieces, or they have enough sentimental value that I’ve made a very conscious, “This is on purpose and not because I’m overgenerous with my nostalgia!” decision to keep them. I’veContinue reading “capsule wardrobe-ing: the loungewear edition”

an ideal morn: my morning routine

It’s early. 6:47 AM. I’m yawning, sleepy. I desperately want a coffee without having to get out of my warm bed. I also need to go to the bathroom. Up we get. My mornings are precious. My partner sleeps in later than I do, so those soft sunrise hours are quiet and stunning, chilly andContinue reading “an ideal morn: my morning routine”